Faux 9/11 Memorial Museum Flyer Co-opts Regular MSM Programming

Faux 9/11 Memorial Museum Flyer Co-opts Regular MSM Programming

Gotta love those pesky ‘truthers’ for getting under the skin of MSM talking heads.  And, this time we specifically give a shout out to the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth whose faux 9/11 Memorial Museum brochure caused a flustered Jack Tapper, the host of CNN’s The Lead with Jack Trapper, to feel the need to remind viewers that “the families of the approximately 3,000 people killed at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in a field in Pennsylvania were killed by Islamic terrorists with al-Qaeda”  over and over and over again. Yes, close your eyes, click your heels, and repeat after me….

You must see it to believe it.

jack tapper blast 9/1l Truther 9/11 Memorial Museum faux flyer

And, CNN wasn’t alone in covering this story. The Washington Times, The Raw Story, The Village Voice and Breit Bart, to name a few, all gave a collective gasp at AE9/11truth.org’s audacity.

All pretty incredible for such a simple guerrilla tactic as handing out four-color flyers with willing people to distribute them to museum attendees.

Let that be a lesson for activists. It doesn’t take much to co-opt regular scheduled brainwashing,… err, programing.

For a full analysis of this Orwellian story see the excellent article by Craig McGee on AE9/11 Truth’s website: CNN’s “‘Yellow Journalism’ Rating Hits All-Time High.” 

AE 9/11 Truth’s Flyer (on Right) compared to the original: