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Problem and Solution

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Artist Comments:
"It's titled "Problem and Solution", and it's originally for an art project I did at college. It was made with showing the problems and solutions of 9/11 to people who know little to nothing about 9/11 skepticism, in mind. By showing people the problems and then the solutions to those problems these questions about 9/11 are hopefully easier to swallow and understand. And that is what I really wanted to achieve with it.

I was inspired to make it because however small my contribution, I had to do something about exposing the blatant fraud of 9/11, for all those who died on the day, and all those still dying as a result in Iraq. Also it's about correcting a corrupt state of affairs in the world that allows something like 9/11 to just happen, and not be questioned properly in the public domain. The one thing I have realized is that people all over the world are all exactly the same, cultures are different and the Middle East and other parts of the world are not as technologically advanced as the west, but we're still all human, these wars are wrong and the only thing that can stop them now, and actually bring down the fascistic system that's practically running the world, is the truth about 9/11!"