SF911Truth Art Contest
James (Jake) Snyder
Hearts and Bridges

James (Jake) Snyder
Additional Submission: Day of Infamy

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Artist Comments:
"Hearts & Bridges" was drawn and
written the day after, in the hope of
what could have been

Artists accompanying poems:

Hearts and Bridges

America’s hearts are rivers
with many bridges. Love cannot be divided
By mountain ridges.Bold hearts risk
Chances taken mark the brave.Freedoms stand
Requires our lives to save.Difference… colors the future’s dawn
Without resolve our life is gone.Rich our cultures build
Bridge’s fine.New generations blend
The best of American kind.

2001 Jake Snyder

Hearts of Our Heart
Hearts of our heart,
Is it in circumstance we part?Is it chance that eternity brings,
In death that life springs?In others anger that life ends,
It’s their misunderstanding eternity bends.The laws of physics stand unbroken,
Reactions equal actions, an even token.Justice reaches with even hand,
To those we lost will ever standForever beside us they change the view,
Blind, the colors have no hue.God’s grace is freedoms hope,
That life’s not bound in tyrannies rope.

2001 Jake Snyder