This Halloween dress as “V
and go “Trick or Truth”ing and celebrate World Peace Week Nov, 5 - 11th

Be a vanguard for valor and virtue by vowing to warn the vox populi that the White House
will verily attempt to vilify and violate various countries' sovereignty (and our own) by
venomous lies and vile violence. Expose their viperous vitriol!

These cards are perfect for handing out on or before Hallowe’en!
They’re also ideal invitations to V for Vendetta events scheduled for November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day...
and to World Peace Week events scheduled for the week of
November 5th to November 11th.

What kind of events? Well, for starters, how about a V for Vendetta House Party on Monday, November 5th! Invite your friends, and maybe some strangers, to come over and watch V for Vendetta and talk about fascism and false-flag terror and what to do about them. Dress up in V for Vendetta costumes and Guy Fawkes masks...blast the 1812 Overture...maybe set off some fireworks in the cookies in the shape of the V symbol...let your imagination run wild!

Please keep this a nonviolence action. This is a strictly educational activity.

To buy the above 4" x 6" club card,please go to
To make your own send these pdfs to a offset printer:
Card Front, Card Back

To download a Flyer and Poster.

Suggestions for "Trick or Truth"ing:
Print out a 11" x 17" Trick or Truth poster in color at a copy store and make them into signs for you or your group to carry; recite the "V" language at the back of the card when in front of media or crowds (or create your own V monologue); hand out flyers or cards to passerbyers; video tape your group and post on Have fun!

Verily you can get your V for Vendetta costumes
at Spirit Halloween stores or at